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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Know When Your Sleeping...

Justus League > Justice League:

N.C. To Bucktown

N.C. State Of Mind Disc 1
N.C. State Of Mind Disc 2

Justus League Mixtape 2K8

The Singles Files

Triple Play

Little Brother

Phonte = Superman of the crew. His kryptonite is cheap fans who don't buy Little Brother albums. So support these joints!

Big Pooh = He plays Robin to Phonte's Batma...err, Superman. Unfortunate because his lyricism is definitely not wack.

The Commercial Free EP

The Chittlin Circuit Mixtape Part 1
The Chittlin Circuit Mixtape Part 2

The Chittlin Circuit 1.5

Carolina Agents Disc 1
Carolina Agents Disc 2
Carolina Agents Disc 3

And Justus For All

Separate But Equal

Nicolay = Green Arrow. Dude stays on the mark. Corny reasoning? I know, im just trying to finish this post.

Dutch Masters

Foreign Exchange - Connected


L.E.G.A.C.Y. = Aquaman, he seems destined to stay underground, or should I say below sea level?

Project Mayhem

Median = Apache Chief. He seems to be the deep thinker of the league, and unlike Apache Chief its unfortunate that he doesn't get a lot of ink.

Median's Relief In The Making

Median's Relief

9th Wonder = Hawkman. He is trying his best to fly his ass up out of the internet favorite crowd into the mainstream.

The Dream Merchant Vol.1

The Dream Merchant Vol.2

Chaundon = He's the Martian Manhunter just because he reps the 718 instead of N.C.


Live From The 718

Ambitions As A Writer

Edgar Allen Floe = Phantom Stranger. Who? Exactly

Floe Almighty

Floe Almighty The Remixture

The Away Team = Khrysis and Sean Boog. Khrysis is the Captain Marvel. He kinda is sorta like Superman but he aint. Just like Krhysis is kinda like 9th Wonder but he ain't. Sean Boog...uhh, i'll get back to you.

National Anthem

Training Day

Joe Scudda = Who the fuck knows? Chameleon man? Black Man voice having man? Dude has skills regardless.

The Authentic Part 1
The Authentic Part 2

Darien Brockington = ? Im getting tired.

The Feeling EP

Somebody To Love

The Instrumentals:

Little Brother:
The Listening Instrumentals
The Minstrel Show Instrumentals
Get Back Instrumentals Part 1
Get Back Instrumentals Part 2

9th Wonder:
9th Beats 1
9th Beats 2
9th Beats 3
9th Beats 4

Shake N Beats

Black Album Rejects

God's Stepson Instrumentals


On The Boards With The Heat

Monday, December 24, 2007

From V.A. To P.A.

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Philly + Virginia = Illmaticness

Certain things just go together. New York football teams playing in New Jersey, other things that don't come to my mind, etc. Well, certain cities also go together. Philly and New York dislike each other when it comes to sporting events but Philly and New York came together musically to form the Rocafella dynasty. Detroit and L.A. hated each other before Isaiah Thomas needed saving, and Magic Johnson peculiarly gained weight after he was diagnosed with HIV. Musically however, Detroit and California formed Jaylib, Eminem and Dr.Dre's gazillion dollar partnership and most recently, Black Milk and Bishop Lamont crafted a sonically pleasing Caltroit mixtape.

One partnership that is overlooked however is the one between Philly and Virginia. This combination created Philly's Most Wanted's "Get Down or Lay Down", an album with great Neptunes beats and dull lyrics. But besides that, it created Star Trak. The Neptunes crew brought together Rosco P. Coldchain, a Philly rapper with an odd rhyme pattern and criminal background, Fam-Lay, a Virginian with a flow that leads one to believe that his blood pumps codeine, and the Clipse, a duo who is a favorite of this site and of myself and have also formed a group with Philly personalities called The Re-Up Gang. Nevermind all this lead-in blah blah, these are artists that deserve more (enter anything) than they got. Enjoy the sounds.

Rosco P. Coldchain: The Shoulda Been Platinum Album Part 1

1) Delinquent
2) I Can't Help
3) Hot Feat. Boo-Bonic & Pusha T
4) Give It Up
5) My Screws Loose
6) Box Of Bullets
7) Cot Damn - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain & Ab-Liva
8) Hot Damn - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain, Ab-Liva & Pharrell
9) One More Time
10) Digital World - Kelis Feat. Rosco P Coldchain
11) Pussy
12) Sick of Goin' To War
13) Sun Will Shine

Rosco P. Coldchain: The Shoulda Been Platinum Album Part 2

14) Welcome Back
15) Leave It Alone
16) Im Talkin' To You
17) Itchin' To Get Ya
18) Mask and Glove Style
19) Summer Breeze
20) What It's All About
21) Don't Take It Personal
22) Only God Can Judge Me
23) I'ma Kill This Nigga
24) I'm Not You - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain, Jadakiss & Styles P
25) Chinese New Year - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain
26) Trouble (Def Poetry)

Famlay: The Shoulda Been Platinum Album

1) Rock N' Roll
2) Rock N' Roll Remix - Feat. Lil' Flip
3) Famlay Freestyle (Bang Bang)
4) Bang Bang Part 2 - Feat. T.I. & Scarface
5) Da Beeper Record - Feat. Pharrell
6) Git Busy
7) Strung Out
8) Ambulance
9) No Time For No's
10) This Is Living
11) Available
12) Fresh N' Drivin'
13) Mr. Treat Your Nose (snippet)
14) Ain't Heard Of That Freestyle
15) Head Bust
16) Hot Freestyle
17) No Relief

Clipse Misc. Part 4

- B.L.O.W. - Rick Ross Feat. Clipse
- Black Coffee Remix - All Saints Feat. Clipse
- Everyday Remix - Angie Stone Feat. Clipse
- Love Don't Love Me Remix - Eric Benet Feat. Pharrell & Clipse
- Milkshake Remix - Kelis Feat. Pharrell & Pusha T
- Pussy
- Pussy Remix - Feat. Re-up Gang
- Rock Your Body Remix - Justin Timberlake Feat. Pharrell, Clipse & Vanessa Marquez
- Flashing Lights (Benzi Refix)
- Pass The Mic
- The Hood Only - T-Hud Feat. Clipse
- What Cha Wanna Do Remix - Pras Feat. Kelis & Clipse
- Cheers - Pharrell Feat. Clipse
- Swag - Kardinal Offishal Feat. Pusha T & Lil' Wayne

Sandman of The Re-Up Gang - Philadelphia Ego

1. Intro
2. Beef ii (prod. by zukhan bey)
3. Datz da fuck right
4. Thatz daddy
5. Where i'm from (prod. by riz delux)
6. Just a b-boy
7. East coast appetite
8. Get in they ass
9. Chains on me
10. No sir
11. Won't stop
12. Until
13. Ya wrong
14. Fought all my life
15. Stagnated
16. Thatz what makes up a hustler
17. Daddy don't
18. On ya heels (prod. by zukhan bey)
19. Early
20. I be...
21. Vibes & moodz

Sunday, November 4, 2007

...Bounce Up Like Round Ball

I've been slacking heavy. I was gonna make this into a huge huge huge post spanning an entire week but decided to just drop it. No frills, just a lot of music. I tried my best grouping these tracks into their appropriate time periods but if I messed up - too bad life ain't perfect. Presents God MC - 89-94

1. Hawaiian Sophie - Jaz-O Feat. Jay-Z
2. 91' Frestyle
3. Originators - Jaz Feat. Jay-Z
4. It's That Simple
5. Can I Get Open - Original Flavor Feat. Jay-Z
6. Many Styles - Original Flavor Feat. Jay-Z
7. 93' Freestyle
8. What's In A Name
9. My Kind Of Girl - Rude Boyz Feat. Jay-Z
10. Livin' It Up - Sauce Money Feat. Jay-Z
11. Can't Get With That Presents God MC - 95-96 ***Link Fixed***

1. Dead Presidents Pt.1
2. Dead Presidents Pt.2 Remix
3. Can't Knock The Hustle Remix
4. Can't Knock The Hustle Freestyle
5. In My Lifetime Original
6. In My Lifetime Remix
7. In My Lifetime Remix Freestyle
8. Da Graveyard - Big L Feat. Jay-Z
9. Jay-Z & Big L Freestyle
10. Time To Build - Mic Geronimo Feat. Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule
11. Get Money Freestyle
12. Show N' Prove - Big Daddy Kane Feat. Jay-Z
13. I'll Be - Foxy Brown Feat. Jay-Z
14. Big Momma Thang - Lil' Kim Feat. Jay-Z, Lil' Cease
15. Things We Do For Love - Horace Brown Feat. Jay-Z
16. So Many Ways Remix - The Braxtons Feat. Jay-Z
17. You're The One Remix - SWV Feat. Jay-Z
18. 96' Freestyle
19. Don't Wanna Be Alone Remix - Shai Feat. Jay-Z Presents God MC - 97-98 Part 1

1. A Million And One Questions Remix
2. I Love The Dough - Notorious B.I.G. Feat. Jay-Z, Angela Winbush
3. Young G's - Puff Daddy Feat. Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z
4. So Right Remix - The LOX Feat. Jay-Z
5. Dead Or Alive Pt. 1 - Jay-Z Feat. Sauce Money
6. Dead Or Alive Pt. 2 - Jay-Z Feat. Sauce Money
7. Cheat On You - Mase Feat. Jay-Z, Lil' Cease
8. All Of My Days - Changing Faces Feat. Jay-Z
9. Keep It Real - Jon B Feat. Jay-Z
10. Single Life - Mic Geronimo Feat. Jay-Z
11. 4 Alarm Blaze - M.O.P. Feat. Jay-Z
12. Blackout - DMX Feat. The LOX, Jay-Z
13. Bonnie & Clyde Part 2 - Foxy Brown Feat. Jay-Z
14. Event Horizon - The Ranjahz Feat. Jay-Z
15. Gangsta Shit - Jay-Z Feat. Ja Rule
16. Freestyle Presents God MC - 97-98 Part 2

17. All About The Benjamins Freestyle - Jay-Z Feat. Sauce Money
18. Jackin' For Beats Freestyle
19. Foundation - Jaz-O Feat. Jay-Z, Sauce Money
20. Team ROC Freestyle
21. What The Game Made Me - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money
22. Wishing On A Star - Janet Jackson Feat. Jay-Z
23. Marcy To Hollywood - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money
24. We Ride - R.Kelly Feat. Jay-Z, Cam'ron, NORE
25. More Money More Cash More Hoes - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek, Beanie

26. Lobster & Scrimp - Timbaland Feat. Jay-Z
27. Ha Remix - Juvenile Feat. Jay-Z
28. It's Alright - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek
29. Love For Free - Rell Feat. Jay-Z
30. You're Only A Customer - Jay-Z
31. Your Love - Christion Feat. Jay-Z
32. Celebration - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money, Ranjahz Presents God MC - 99-00 Part 1

1. 60 Minutes Of Funk Vol.2 Freestyle
2. Wake Up Show Freestyle
3. You Know What We Bout - Silkk The Shocker Feat. Jay-Z, Master P
4. Here We Go - Too Short Feat. Jay-Z
5. Best Of Me Pt.2 - Mya Feat. Jay-Z
6. People's Court
7. For My Thugs - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Amil
8. Analyze This - Jay-Z Feat. Lord Tariq, Nas
9. This Life Forever
10. Murdergram - Jay-Z Feat. DMX, Ja Rule
11. It's Murda - Jay-Z Feat. DMX, Ja Rule
12. Holla Holla Remix - The Murderers Feat. Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Busta

13. Jigga My Nigga
14. What You Think Of That - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z
15. Mind Right Remix - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z, H Money, Beanie Sigel
16. That's Right - Amil Feat. Jay-Z
17. Heard It All Before - Amil Feat. Jay-Z
18. 4 Da Fam - Amil Feat. Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel Presents God MC - 99-00 Part 2

19. In The Studio (Unreleased Snippet)
20. Is That Yo' Bitch (Original) - Jay-Z Feat. Twista
21. Is That Yo' Bitch - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z, Twista, Missy Elliott
22. Big Pimpin' (Extended Radio Edit) - Jay-Z Feat. UGK
23. Do You Believe?
24. Hey Papi (Original) W/ Extra Verse
25. Hey Papi - Jay-Z Feat. Memphis Bleek
26. Girl's Best Friend
27. Queen Bitch Part 2 - Lil' Kim Feat. Jay-Z
28. Nigga Like Me - Dr.Dre Feat. Jay-Z
29. Do You Like It-Do You Want It - Puff Daddy Feat. Jay-Z
30. Anything
31. Heartbreaker - Mariah Carey Feat. Jay-Z
32. Why We Die - Busta Rhymes Feat. Jay-Z, DMX
33. Get Out - Scarface Feat. Jay-Z
34. Playa - Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z, Amil
35. Raw & Uncut - Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z
36. Fiesta Remix - R.Kelly Feat. Jay-Z
37. Pre-Game - Sauce Money Feat. Jay-Z
38. Hold Up - R.Kelly Feat. Jay-Z Presents God MC - 01-03 Part 1

1. 20 Bag Shorty
2. Mi Amor - Angie Martinez Feat. Jay-Z
3. One Minute Man Remix Feat. Missy Elliott Feat. Jay-Z
4. 45 King Freestyle
5. Who Shot Ya Freestyle
6. Change The Game Remix Feat. Daz, Kurupt, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek
7. Party People - Timbaland & Magoo Feat. Jay-Z
8. Rock Steady - Mary J. Blige Feat. Jay-Z
9. U Rock My World Remix - Michael Jackson Feat. Jay-Z
10. Summer Jam 01' The Takeover Live
11. Think It's A Game - Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z, Freeway, Young Chris
12. Still Got Love For You - Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z, Rell
13. Freestyle 9-22-01
14. Super Ugly
15. People Talkin'
16. Don't You Know
17. Welcome To NYC - Cam'ron Feat. Jay-Z
18. Guess Who's Back - Scarface Feat. Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel Presents God MC - 01-03 Part 2

19. Lollipop - Snoop Dogg Feat. Jay-Z
20. Back In The Day - Missy Elliott Feat. Jay-Z
21. Count It Off - Ms.Jade Feat. Jay-Z
22. Let's Go - Jaz-O Feat. Jay-Z
23. Jaz-Ho - Feat. Freeway, Memphis Bleek, Young Chris, Geda K
24. It's Obvious - Rell Feat. Jay-Z
25. 8 Miles N' Runnin' - Freeway Feat. Jay-Z
26. Chill - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z, Geda K
27. Calling My Name
28. Early This Morning
29. Show You (Original)
30. Crazy In Love - Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z
31. That's How You Like It - Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z
32. Pre-Blueprint 2 Freestyle
33. Roc Army - Feat. Peedi Crakk, Freeway, Young Chris
34. Love & Life Intro - Mary J. Blige Feat. Jay-Z
35. Whoo Kid Freestyle Presents God MC - 03-04 Part 1

1. Wake Up - Missy Elliott Feat. Jay-Z
2. 1,2 Ya'll - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z, Lil' Cease, Geda K
3. Everything's A Go - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z
4. Hypnotic - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel
5. Murda Murda - Memphis Bleek Feat. Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel
6. Put It In The Air - M.O.P. Feat. Jay-Z
7. Stop
8. Excuse Me Miss Again (La La La)
9. Can't Stop Won't Stop Remix - Young Gunz Feat. Jay-Z
10. Never Take Me Alive - Young Gunz Feat. Jay-Z
11. Behind The Rops - Sauce Money Feat. Jay-Z
12. Flip Flop Rock - Outkast Feat. Jay-Z, Killer Mike
13. What We Do - Freeway Feat. Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel
14. You Got Me - Freeway Feat. Mariah Carey, Jay-Z
15. Frontin' - Pharrell Feat. Jay-Z
16. Get By Remix - Talib Kweli Feat. Jay-Z, Mos Def, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West Presents God MC - 03-04 Part 2

17. Beware Of The Boyz Remix - Punjabi MC Feat. Jay-Z
18. Get My Shit Off
19. Hell Yeah Remix - Dead Prez Feat. Jay-Z
20. Drop It Like It's Hot Remix - Snoop Dogg Feat. Jay-Z, Pharrell
21. HOVA
22. Alone In This World Remix - Faith Evans Feat. Jay-Z
23. Miss You Remix - Aaliyah Feat. Jay-Z
24. Hovi Baby Remix
25. Rap City - Stand Up Freestyle
26. Pump It Up Freestyle - Joe Budden Feat. Jay-Z
27. Reebok Commercial - Jay-Z Feat. 50 Cent
28. Bump Bump Freestyle
29. Young Black Gifted
30. Lazer In Ya Ear
31. If Hov Can't
32. Rockstar Freestyle
33. Blunts & Armadale
34. Allure Remix
35. PSA Part 2
36. Lookin' At My S.Dots
37. Warm It Up Jay
38. The Game Iz Mine
39. Storm - Lenny Kravitz Feat. Jay-Z
40. Storm Remix - Lenny Kravitz Feat. Jay-Z
41. Ignorant Shit (Original)
42. Never Let Me Down - Kanye West Feat. Jay-Z, J-Ivy Presents God MC - 05-07 Part 1

1. It's On - Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z
2. One Thing Remix - Amerie Feat. Jay-Z
3. Dear Summer
4. Hustlin' Remix - Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z, Young Jeezy
5. Go Crazy Remix - Young Jeezy Feat. Jay-Z
6. Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix - Kanye West Feat. Jay-Z
7. I Ain't Heard Of That Remix - Slim Thug Feat. Jay-Z
8. Get Throwed - Bun B Feat. Pimp C, Jay-Z, Z-Ro, Young Jeezy
9. Whatchu Want - Notorious B.I.G. Feat. Jay-Z
10. Turn The Lights Out - Mary J. Blige Feat. Jay-Z
11. Shake It Off Remix - Mariah Carey Feat. Jay-Z, Young Jeezy
12. Young Girl - Pharrell Feat. Jay-Z
13. Deja Vu - Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z
14. Upgrade U - Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z
15. 44'4's
16. 44'4's Acapella Performance Presents God MC - 05-07 Part 2

17. Dead Presidents Live - Jay-Z Feat. Nas & Chris Martin
18. Freestyle (October 30th 2006)
19. Brooklyn High
20. Back Then Freestyle
21. Jay-Z Unreleased Snippet - Jay-Z & Timbaland
22. Dig A Hole (Original)
23. Tru York Intro
24. Pressure - Lupe Fiasco Feat. Jay-Z
25. Black Republicans - Nas Feat. Jay-Z
26. Crazy - Ne-Yo Feat. Jay-Z
27. Umbrella - Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z
28. Laff At Em' - Timbaland Feat. Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake
29. Rehab Remix - Amy Winehouse Feat. Jay-Z
30. ASAP Freestyle
31. Brooklyn - Fabolous Feat. Jay-Z, Uncle Murda
32. Watch What You Say To Me - T.I. Feat. Jay-Z
33. Big Spender - Freeway Feat. Jay-Z
34. I Get Money (Forbes Remix) - 50 Cent Feat. Jay-Z, Diddy Presents God MC - The Interviews

Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn

The Grey Album

Black Is Back - The 9th Album

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just A Memory...

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Get out and make some memories.

Summer is drawing to a close. I urge you, go out, have fun, get drunk. Now. Because With the fallen leaves, and for some, nervous breakdowns and failing grades, their will be the sobering season called Fall. The Fall is the time that most put in work, raise their stress levels and build their G.P.A. The Summer, for many, is the time to build memories. For myself, memories of a Summer have been compounded by music. I remember I was in Summer School back in 2000 when Nelly's "Country Grammar" had everyone unconsciously singing an interpolation of "The Jeffersons" theme song. In the Summer, songs often become the soundtrack to your life. Everyone has a song that takes them back in time to a Summer moment that meant something to them.

With this little mixtape I didn't include the "Umbrella's", "Ay Bay Bay's" or the "Can't Tell Me Nothing's". Nahhhhh, what I am trying to do is give you some songs that should have gotten more attention. Some of these songs have had no accompanying videos on MTV or major radio airplay. Some have. Either way, enjoy the music and the last days of Summer. You may find the track that could bring you back to August 2007 when that cold ass Winter comes.

Summer 07' - The Shoulda Been Hits

Part 1
Part 2

1. 2 Step - Clyde Carson
2. Gettin' It - Lil' Wayne Feat. The Cool Kids
3. My Drink N My 2 Step - Cassidy Feat. Swizz Beatz
4. Dreadlocks - Murs
5. Boyz - M.I.A.
6. Bucket - Bohagon
7. Uh Ohh!! - Ja Rule Feat. Lil' Wayne
8. Don't You Baby - Saigon Feat. Swizz Beatz
9. Died In Your Arms - Smitty Feat. Robin Thicke
10. Bang It Out - Papoose Feat. Snoop Dogg
11. Mouth Music - Bishop Lamont Feat. Busta Rhymes
12. Syce It - Tabi Bonney
13. Angry Black Man On An Elevator - Rhymefest Feat. Lil' Jon
14. Big Spender - Freeway Feat. Jay-Z
15. Good Clothes - Little Brother
16. Good Girl - Chrisette Michelle
17. Duffle Bag Boy - Playaz Circle Feat. Lil' Wayne
18. (Bonus) Died In Your Arms Remix - Smitty Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross

Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Posts In A Couple Weeks

Going on a little hiatus. Nothing permanent. Back soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What A Way To Go Out...Out Like A Sucka...

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Just found this post. It was made today by someone I won't name because why give free press to swagger jackers. Tell me this does not resemble our post on Grindin'.

29th July 2007

On Grindin'.

"The world is about to feel something that they've never felt before"

It was with those words that Pharrell Williams kicked off Clipse's 2002 hit Grindin'. And, somehow, it never felt like boasting to me - from the first hydraulic thud of the song's unmistakable percussion, it was clear that this really was something the world had never felt before. My world at least.

I'm not sure exactly when I first heard it. Probably heavily-edited on local pop radio station 95.3 FM (aka "Z95.3"), or maybe slightly less edited on MuchMusic, but wherever it was it stood out like a sore thumb - nothing else on the radio or video playlists was anywhere near as unapologetically grimy. I mean, here you had straight-up hip-hop with two guys just rapping about how cool they are over a beat primarily made up of pounding metal going up against shit like Mario's warmed-over remake of "Just A Friend". And the video, Christ, it didn't even have any scantily-clad girls dancing seductively for no reason - it was the least likely summer anthem of the year. But it was. Yes, there was also Hot In Herre (the Neptunes-produced Nelly track that works like the yin to Grindin's yang, the overproduced and thoroughly fake club banger counterpart to Clipse's gritty authenticity) eating up the charts like there was no tomorrow, but the people who really knew what was going on knew that no other song had a chance in the long run. And the Neptunes themselves were amongst those in the know, dropping the beat into a number of remixes as well as making sure the song itself got its fair share of alternate takes, most notably the claustrophobic Baby, N.O.R.E and Li'l Wayne cut which (at least on MuchMusic) seemed to get just as much airtime as the original.

And hearing it again even today - the Pharrell intro, the Clipse's effortless braggadocio, it's aged more than gracefully. It's like it hasn't aged at all. 5 years old now and still sounding like it could've been recorded yesterday, miles ahead of anything The Neptunes (and certainly Clipse) have done since - and, for that matter, the entirety of mainstream hip-hop. It was, and still is, the perfect hip-hop single - not to mention the best song of 2002. And the world hasn't felt anything like it since.

Tisk Tisk Swagger Jackers. At least it wasn't word for word.

Kingston Made Me Do It...

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Sean Kingston has "potential" that his album does not show.

When I heard Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" for the first time I was feeling it. I never thought Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" would be turned into a Hip Hop/R&B/Pop/Reggae record. After being on the radio and television damn near every minute however, it has gotten old. Quick.

I think I heard "Colors 2007" around the same time and I thought they were both hits. Sean Kingston has talent. Hell, grandmothers across the country are quite possibly singing along to a song about suicide. If you can make that happen you got talent. Sean Kingston's album however does not support my claim. The majority of the album is full of soft pop-like records. Maybe Sean Kingston really wants to market to the females. Maybe he enjoys making that type of music. Or maybe, just maybe, J.R. Rotem is pulling ALL of the strings and the 17 year old just wants to make sure he gets that check. Hopefully he grows for a couple years, puts his foot down and does the music he wants to do. If not their will come a day when Sean's face appears on a milk carton in the pages of XXL.

In the future, albums will be reviewed fully. I just felt lazy and didn't want to spend time talking about tracks that I didn't like on his album. So here is the review of the songs that I did enjoy.

Kingston- 7/10 The song is OK. The boy is spitting with passion in his voice and doing his little patois shit on the hook and the break.

Beautiful Girls -8/10 The song accomplished what it was supposed to. He was a new guy in the game and needed to get his name next to a bullet on the charts. Plus a lot of people could relate to it I suppose. Dealing with girls makes a lot of guys want to kill the female or themselves. Examples: OJ Simpson & Romeo

Dry Your Eyes- 7.5/10 Song about his mom. It's hard to have a "Dear Momma" track that is garbage because for a lot of rappers it's the only time you hear them telling the truth in a verse.

Got No Shorty- 7.5/10 I could see this being the next single. It has the makings of a song for the club: a somewhat catchy hook, uptempo beat and he tells the females to clap at the end. Crowd participation never fails really.

Drummer Boy- 8/10 He's spitting with that passion I talked about earlier. He goes back and forth between his American and Jamaican slang which keeps the song interesting.

Colors 2007 Reggae Remix 8.5/10 I have no idea why the original was left off the cd. It was a bad call. The remix is hot though. Kingston, Vybez Kartel and Kardinal Offishall all come correct. Kardinal outshines everyone though.

Here is the album he should have released.

Sean Kingston - The Shoulda Been Album

1. Intro
2. Kingston
3. Colors 2007 Feat. The Game and Rick Ross
4. The Way I Live
5. Beautiful Girls
6. Dry Your Eyes
7. In The Ghetto Feat. Trey Songz
8. Got No Shorty
9. Doin' That Feat. Clyde Carson
10. Welcome To My Hood Feat. Yay Boy
11. Drummer Boy
12. Give You Some Love
13. Colors 2007 Reggae Remix Feat. Vybez Kartel and Kardinal Offishall
14. Beautiful Girls J Be Mad Remix Feat. Fabolous, Flo-Rida, Sheek, Collie Budz and Stat Quo

The beautiful girls remix is something I just mixed together from the various remixes of it that are out. I am NOT a DJ but I bet that's more mixing than a lot of these mixtape dj's are doing nowadays. There you go. More posts are coming this week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

"You know how I do summer, I drop heat..."

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Grindin' innovated during a time when hip hop played it too safe.

"The about to feel...something...that they've never...felt before..."
-Pharrell, "Grindin"

Take a sound you can make with your own mouth. Combine that with verses about distributing cocaine and an attacking drum track and you have the recipe for one of the biggest songs of 2002, "Grindin".

To say that the Neptunes produced beat came from left field would be an understatement. The Neptunes at the time were known for their signature guitar licks which formed many-a-hit melody. By 2002 the duo was considered by some hip hop fans as pop producers, and unoriginal in their choice of sounds when it came to composing tracks. A trucker hat dealers best friend, Pharrell Williams, became the poster boy for what was wrong with hip hop in the eyes of many of those detractors.

By 02' The Neptunes' fingerprints were all over the radio and television airwaves. Actually, they left the imprints of their palms on the game from their stranglehold on popular music. Remix after remix, hit after hit, The Neptunes just kept winning. The duo's consistency was one of the reasons why "Grindin" was such a surprise. The beat oozed of nostalgia, modern hip hop and the future of the genre all at the same time. It could have easily been described as Planet Rock's sonic stepchild or a legitimate guess of how music would sound in five years. Hard kicks and snares that made it feel like old school boom bap and a reverberating melody that sounded like someone tapping their cheek. Whatever the sound was, electronic, organic or a combination of both, it did make many "feel something that they've never felt before".

The lyrics of the Clipse however were very modern at the time. Tales of drug deals, loose women and firepower had become common place. Sprinkled in nearly every hip hop album, these ingredients were the remedy for many artists wanting to solidify their street cred for the record buying masses. The Clipse were different. Sure, they rehashed many of the same topics we heard over and over but they said it differently. Or maybe it sounded differently, a product of Virginian tongues and appealing musical backdrops by two producers named after a planet in The Milky Way galaxy. Whatever it was, "Patty Cake Patty Cake im the bakers man..." will forever be linked in my mind to drug dealing and that thumping bare beat, and not the rhyme you learned in Pre-School.

Much has changed and much has remained the same since "Grindin" dropped. The "Grindin" beat eventually moved on to the musical retirement home where all beats go when they have been used for freestyles too many times, joining "Banned From TV" and "In Da Club" among others. The Neptunes have since changed their sound several times and The Clipse dropped "Hell Hath No Fury" a follow up to their solid debut, "Lord Willin". The kind of follow up Nas wouldn't want you to put in your boom box that eats tapes, that is, if you still own a casette player.

The minimalistic approach to hip hop production is still strong five years later. Every season it seems as though another producer attempts to make his own "Grindin". Kia Shine's "Cripsy", the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait" and Ali & Gipp's "Go Head" all come to mind. No, The Neptunes didn't invent anything but they innovated. They made it cool for the first time since Run DMC ruled hip hop to make a beat with for the most part, just drums and percussion. In an era of synths and processed sounds, "Grindin" was perfect. In the words of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, Not when you have nothing more to add, But when you have nothing more to take away.”


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One Blood Remix- The Game ft. Clipse
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Click Clack- Slim Thug ft. Pusha T

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#1 Remix- Nelly ft. Clipse & Postaboy
On My Shit- Clipse ft. Stimuli, Kingpin Slim & Heron
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Am I the only one who finds it annoying when someone posts on a message board or discussion and writes the word first, as if it were a race? Anyway, this is the first post on J Be Mad. I am JK and hopefully this blog makes me money, gets me some connects and entertains those who decide to click a link that says J Be Mad.