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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kingston Made Me Do It...

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Sean Kingston has "potential" that his album does not show.

When I heard Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" for the first time I was feeling it. I never thought Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" would be turned into a Hip Hop/R&B/Pop/Reggae record. After being on the radio and television damn near every minute however, it has gotten old. Quick.

I think I heard "Colors 2007" around the same time and I thought they were both hits. Sean Kingston has talent. Hell, grandmothers across the country are quite possibly singing along to a song about suicide. If you can make that happen you got talent. Sean Kingston's album however does not support my claim. The majority of the album is full of soft pop-like records. Maybe Sean Kingston really wants to market to the females. Maybe he enjoys making that type of music. Or maybe, just maybe, J.R. Rotem is pulling ALL of the strings and the 17 year old just wants to make sure he gets that check. Hopefully he grows for a couple years, puts his foot down and does the music he wants to do. If not their will come a day when Sean's face appears on a milk carton in the pages of XXL.

In the future, albums will be reviewed fully. I just felt lazy and didn't want to spend time talking about tracks that I didn't like on his album. So here is the review of the songs that I did enjoy.

Kingston- 7/10 The song is OK. The boy is spitting with passion in his voice and doing his little patois shit on the hook and the break.

Beautiful Girls -8/10 The song accomplished what it was supposed to. He was a new guy in the game and needed to get his name next to a bullet on the charts. Plus a lot of people could relate to it I suppose. Dealing with girls makes a lot of guys want to kill the female or themselves. Examples: OJ Simpson & Romeo

Dry Your Eyes- 7.5/10 Song about his mom. It's hard to have a "Dear Momma" track that is garbage because for a lot of rappers it's the only time you hear them telling the truth in a verse.

Got No Shorty- 7.5/10 I could see this being the next single. It has the makings of a song for the club: a somewhat catchy hook, uptempo beat and he tells the females to clap at the end. Crowd participation never fails really.

Drummer Boy- 8/10 He's spitting with that passion I talked about earlier. He goes back and forth between his American and Jamaican slang which keeps the song interesting.

Colors 2007 Reggae Remix 8.5/10 I have no idea why the original was left off the cd. It was a bad call. The remix is hot though. Kingston, Vybez Kartel and Kardinal Offishall all come correct. Kardinal outshines everyone though.

Here is the album he should have released.

Sean Kingston - The Shoulda Been Album

1. Intro
2. Kingston
3. Colors 2007 Feat. The Game and Rick Ross
4. The Way I Live
5. Beautiful Girls
6. Dry Your Eyes
7. In The Ghetto Feat. Trey Songz
8. Got No Shorty
9. Doin' That Feat. Clyde Carson
10. Welcome To My Hood Feat. Yay Boy
11. Drummer Boy
12. Give You Some Love
13. Colors 2007 Reggae Remix Feat. Vybez Kartel and Kardinal Offishall
14. Beautiful Girls J Be Mad Remix Feat. Fabolous, Flo-Rida, Sheek, Collie Budz and Stat Quo

The beautiful girls remix is something I just mixed together from the various remixes of it that are out. I am NOT a DJ but I bet that's more mixing than a lot of these mixtape dj's are doing nowadays. There you go. More posts are coming this week.

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