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Monday, December 24, 2007

From V.A. To P.A.

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: Philly + Virginia = Illmaticness

Certain things just go together. New York football teams playing in New Jersey, other things that don't come to my mind, etc. Well, certain cities also go together. Philly and New York dislike each other when it comes to sporting events but Philly and New York came together musically to form the Rocafella dynasty. Detroit and L.A. hated each other before Isaiah Thomas needed saving, and Magic Johnson peculiarly gained weight after he was diagnosed with HIV. Musically however, Detroit and California formed Jaylib, Eminem and Dr.Dre's gazillion dollar partnership and most recently, Black Milk and Bishop Lamont crafted a sonically pleasing Caltroit mixtape.

One partnership that is overlooked however is the one between Philly and Virginia. This combination created Philly's Most Wanted's "Get Down or Lay Down", an album with great Neptunes beats and dull lyrics. But besides that, it created Star Trak. The Neptunes crew brought together Rosco P. Coldchain, a Philly rapper with an odd rhyme pattern and criminal background, Fam-Lay, a Virginian with a flow that leads one to believe that his blood pumps codeine, and the Clipse, a duo who is a favorite of this site and of myself and have also formed a group with Philly personalities called The Re-Up Gang. Nevermind all this lead-in blah blah, these are artists that deserve more (enter anything) than they got. Enjoy the sounds.

Rosco P. Coldchain: The Shoulda Been Platinum Album Part 1

1) Delinquent
2) I Can't Help
3) Hot Feat. Boo-Bonic & Pusha T
4) Give It Up
5) My Screws Loose
6) Box Of Bullets
7) Cot Damn - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain & Ab-Liva
8) Hot Damn - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain, Ab-Liva & Pharrell
9) One More Time
10) Digital World - Kelis Feat. Rosco P Coldchain
11) Pussy
12) Sick of Goin' To War
13) Sun Will Shine

Rosco P. Coldchain: The Shoulda Been Platinum Album Part 2

14) Welcome Back
15) Leave It Alone
16) Im Talkin' To You
17) Itchin' To Get Ya
18) Mask and Glove Style
19) Summer Breeze
20) What It's All About
21) Don't Take It Personal
22) Only God Can Judge Me
23) I'ma Kill This Nigga
24) I'm Not You - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain, Jadakiss & Styles P
25) Chinese New Year - Clipse Feat. Rosco P Coldchain
26) Trouble (Def Poetry)

Famlay: The Shoulda Been Platinum Album

1) Rock N' Roll
2) Rock N' Roll Remix - Feat. Lil' Flip
3) Famlay Freestyle (Bang Bang)
4) Bang Bang Part 2 - Feat. T.I. & Scarface
5) Da Beeper Record - Feat. Pharrell
6) Git Busy
7) Strung Out
8) Ambulance
9) No Time For No's
10) This Is Living
11) Available
12) Fresh N' Drivin'
13) Mr. Treat Your Nose (snippet)
14) Ain't Heard Of That Freestyle
15) Head Bust
16) Hot Freestyle
17) No Relief

Clipse Misc. Part 4

- B.L.O.W. - Rick Ross Feat. Clipse
- Black Coffee Remix - All Saints Feat. Clipse
- Everyday Remix - Angie Stone Feat. Clipse
- Love Don't Love Me Remix - Eric Benet Feat. Pharrell & Clipse
- Milkshake Remix - Kelis Feat. Pharrell & Pusha T
- Pussy
- Pussy Remix - Feat. Re-up Gang
- Rock Your Body Remix - Justin Timberlake Feat. Pharrell, Clipse & Vanessa Marquez
- Flashing Lights (Benzi Refix)
- Pass The Mic
- The Hood Only - T-Hud Feat. Clipse
- What Cha Wanna Do Remix - Pras Feat. Kelis & Clipse
- Cheers - Pharrell Feat. Clipse
- Swag - Kardinal Offishal Feat. Pusha T & Lil' Wayne

Sandman of The Re-Up Gang - Philadelphia Ego

1. Intro
2. Beef ii (prod. by zukhan bey)
3. Datz da fuck right
4. Thatz daddy
5. Where i'm from (prod. by riz delux)
6. Just a b-boy
7. East coast appetite
8. Get in they ass
9. Chains on me
10. No sir
11. Won't stop
12. Until
13. Ya wrong
14. Fought all my life
15. Stagnated
16. Thatz what makes up a hustler
17. Daddy don't
18. On ya heels (prod. by zukhan bey)
19. Early
20. I be...
21. Vibes & moodz

1 comment:

zpinzane said...

This is a goldmine!

I was just considering taking my Re-Up/Star Trak CDs out of my deck and trying out this new ish by some girl named Weezy.

Let's do the math. 5 compilations. 1 year of listening apiece. I'm good til the next Olympics.