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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Know When Your Sleeping...

Justus League > Justice League:

N.C. To Bucktown

N.C. State Of Mind Disc 1
N.C. State Of Mind Disc 2

Justus League Mixtape 2K8

The Singles Files

Triple Play

Little Brother

Phonte = Superman of the crew. His kryptonite is cheap fans who don't buy Little Brother albums. So support these joints!

Big Pooh = He plays Robin to Phonte's Batma...err, Superman. Unfortunate because his lyricism is definitely not wack.

The Commercial Free EP

The Chittlin Circuit Mixtape Part 1
The Chittlin Circuit Mixtape Part 2

The Chittlin Circuit 1.5

Carolina Agents Disc 1
Carolina Agents Disc 2
Carolina Agents Disc 3

And Justus For All

Separate But Equal

Nicolay = Green Arrow. Dude stays on the mark. Corny reasoning? I know, im just trying to finish this post.

Dutch Masters

Foreign Exchange - Connected


L.E.G.A.C.Y. = Aquaman, he seems destined to stay underground, or should I say below sea level?

Project Mayhem

Median = Apache Chief. He seems to be the deep thinker of the league, and unlike Apache Chief its unfortunate that he doesn't get a lot of ink.

Median's Relief In The Making

Median's Relief

9th Wonder = Hawkman. He is trying his best to fly his ass up out of the internet favorite crowd into the mainstream.

The Dream Merchant Vol.1

The Dream Merchant Vol.2

Chaundon = He's the Martian Manhunter just because he reps the 718 instead of N.C.


Live From The 718

Ambitions As A Writer

Edgar Allen Floe = Phantom Stranger. Who? Exactly

Floe Almighty

Floe Almighty The Remixture

The Away Team = Khrysis and Sean Boog. Khrysis is the Captain Marvel. He kinda is sorta like Superman but he aint. Just like Krhysis is kinda like 9th Wonder but he ain't. Sean Boog...uhh, i'll get back to you.

National Anthem

Training Day

Joe Scudda = Who the fuck knows? Chameleon man? Black Man voice having man? Dude has skills regardless.

The Authentic Part 1
The Authentic Part 2

Darien Brockington = ? Im getting tired.

The Feeling EP

Somebody To Love

The Instrumentals:

Little Brother:
The Listening Instrumentals
The Minstrel Show Instrumentals
Get Back Instrumentals Part 1
Get Back Instrumentals Part 2

9th Wonder:
9th Beats 1
9th Beats 2
9th Beats 3
9th Beats 4

Shake N Beats

Black Album Rejects

God's Stepson Instrumentals


On The Boards With The Heat


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